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To Do or Not To Do by Robert Finkelstein

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to do listTo Do or Not To Do…that is the question. Are you big on lists? Some people swear by them. I highly recommend a grocery list, and not shopping for food when you’re hungry. But that’s really not what this is all about. How do you prioritize your day? The last post was all about writing it down. Today, I want to start being more specific. The infamous To Do List. Personally, mine is written in my notebook. All my appointments are in my Outlook and synchronized with my phone. I’m never far from my list and everything I need to know.

Start your day off with an updated To Do List. Organize it to your liking, but it must include due dates. Prioritize! Only you know what’s most important. Did I say, “Prioritize,” yet? Create a system that helps you work your way through the list based on criteria that matters to you and your business. 1-2-3 or A-B-C systems are popular. Make a notation next to each item. An A might be ‘must do’, B can be ‘should do’, and C can be ‘nice to do’.ABC You’ll want to work your way through the 1’s or A’s first. Keep those deadlines in mind, and who else might be involved in each task and their availability. I work with people all over the world and need to take timezones into account. The list needs to get done, so it’s my responsibility to make sure nothing prevents that from happening. If there’s no one else, be accountable to yourself. So when the list is completed, enjoy that sense of accomplishment and the process of crossing each item off. Remember, what might be a 2 or a B today, could be your 1 or A tomorrow. Make the To Do List a part of your morning routine. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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