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How Do You Kick Start Your Day? by Robert Finkelstein

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coffee cup“I’m nothing until I’ve had my coffee.” Have you heard that before? Some people can’t get their day going without it. Some people can’t keep their day going without it. Surprisingly, for many of us, we don’t seem to need any caffeine and yet we maintain a high energy level all day.

What gets your day started and keeps it going?

In March of 2008, while in Maui overseeing one of our seminars, I decided that I no longer wanted to feel like I needed a cup of coffee to kick start my day. Not so easy when the coffee is so good in Hawaii. Well, I stopped cold turkey. Since then, I’ve probably had two or three cups. Big difference. Today, my caffeine is exercise. I start every day with an hour in the gym and a homemade protein shake. When I head into the office, I’m mentally and physically pumped up. It lasts for hours. To keep it going, I eat healthy snacks and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Now I’m no nutritionist, but I can confidently say that eating right throughout the day makes a lot more sense than loading up on sugary treats and caffeine loaded energy drinks. Granted, a “Snickers really satisfies,” but thirty minutes after you wolf one down and your sugar rush has worn down, you’re probably wanting another one or a nap.

I’m suggesting you take a look at what you’re doing to initiate, maintain and boost your energy. There’s no good reason to not do and eat healthy things, and common sense makes doing this very easy.

Ask yourself this rhetorical question…
“Do you think the quality of the products you put in your body affect the level of productivity you put out?”

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