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Prime Time or Down Time? by Robert Finkelstein

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clock_screen02In the last blog, I wrote about maintaining your energy throughout the day by eating healthy and staying fit. I did that for two reasons, 1. Because it’s a good idea, and 2. Because if you don’t, you’ll have to be much more conscious of your “prime time.” No, I’m not referring to what’s on TV from 8 to 11. Trust me, most of it’s garbage. “Prime time” is the time of day when your energy is high, you’re focused and able to complete the more challenging tasks. Odds are that’s about the same time of day, every day, unless your routine has changed. If you’re among those who come out of the gate strong, but tire near the finish line, you need to recognize that’s a pattern of yours. Once that’s done, you’re actually on your way to victory.sleep on the computer

You see, if you can become aware of the time of day when you’re a force to be reckon with, and apply yourself 100% during that time, you will plow through those A or #1 priorities on your To Do List faster than you can say, “Boss, I deserve a raise.” Don’t wait until the afternoon, when you’re fading to attack the most important items of your day.

Do your toughs tasks during your “prime time” and you’ll be done…
in no time.

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