Break It Apart by Robert Finkelstein

iceberg_2So you’re energized and you’ve prioritize…now what? You have to get started. Some of the items on your To Do List might be very simple and quick. If possible, take care of those right off the bat. Gotta love crossing items off that list. But that only lasts for so long…and then comes the big project. Well, as my title suggests…break it apart. Some call it the “Swiss Cheese Process.” Poke holes in it. Cut it into manageable, bite-sized pieces…or smaller sub-tasks. You might find that these need further prioritizing. This will help make the project far less daunting. As you eliminate these smaller tasks, you’ll gain momentum and feel a sense of accomplishment.

ice cube
Start chipping away at that iceberg, and you’ll soon have just a bunch of cubes.

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