SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION by Robert Finkelstein

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SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION by Robert Finkelstein

thank-youI would be hardpressed to come up with anything more important than appreciating your team. Gratitude comes in all shapes and sizes. Surprisingly, a simple “Thank you” carries a lot of weight.

Does your team know how much you appreciate them? I hope your answer is a resounding YES. If not, why not?

Happy Employees

Here are some suggestions.
2. Take notice of the work being done, the dedication, and give praise.
3. Spend time with your team – take a sincere and genuine interest in them and their families.
4. Bring some humor to the workplace. Don’t be serious all the time.
5. Buy gifts from time to time. Don’t show favoritism.
6. Try to be flexible with time off.
7. Give bonuses – CASH. Even small ones can be very meaningful.
8. Gift cards for restaurants and movies are usually a hit.
9. Do team building activities outside of the workplace. Schedule fun places to go together and, if it’s financially feasible, allow families to come along.
10. Throw holiday parties – potlucks are always popular.
11. Take the team to lunch or dinner. Another option is to bring in treats – fresh donuts, cookies, bagels, candy, etc.
12. Hopefully, your company can provide the opportunity for growth, promotions, new learnings. Without it, employees can feel stuck.
13. An education allowance or fund is great. Support their decisions to further their education. Let them learn tools that they can use at work and in the their personal lives.
14. Encourage the team to stay healthy by paying part or all of a gym membership…so long as it’s used.

“Thank you” for reading my blog.

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One Response to “SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION by Robert Finkelstein”

  1. Good Stuff…I have read several.
    Like your style, candor and honesty.

    It is so easy to successfully manage businesses if one would Use Common Sense.
    Been working for thousands of Years

    Like to interview you for our Archives someday


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