Decide Not To Decide by Robert Finkelstein

decision makerHow many decisions do you make at work that probably could have or should have been make by someone else? If you’re dedicated to managing your time more efficiently, then it’s time to let some decisions go.

If you’ve assembled a strong team, then you need to empower them to make most of the decisions. Establish their guidelines and limitations. Once those are in place, step away. Remember, “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Delegating projects that require a minimal amount of your attention can be placed in the team’s capable hands. They’ll come to you when they need to…I can assure you. Assuming they’re doing a good job, then gradually, they’ll do that less and less.

Use the additional time you now have wisely. As with all the time management tools I’ve suggested, the intention is to improve your business and the balance in your life.


Remember, make it clear what decisions still rest in your hands. The big ones – perhaps financial targets, policies, hirings, promotions, business strategies and alliances. You know your business best.

You decide…what to decide.

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