Getting Steamed? by Robert Finkelstein

stress2No ifs, ands, or buts…work can be very stressful. Can be…that’s the key.

If you find certain tasks stressful, make a note of them. If at certain times of the day, you feel your blood pressure rising, make a note of them. Bottom line here, whatever is getting you steamed, identify it. And when you identify it, you’re halfway to the solution.

I’m going to keep this short but sweet. Read my previous blogs. If the problem stems from something at work, one of the time management tools should help. If it’s a personnel issue, sit down with that individual and work it out. Well, save these details for another blog. In the meantime, you must create a well structured day, with a manageable workload. And one more thing. Take time out for yourself. tea-cup_1a

So in the future, if there’s any steam in your office, let’s hope it’s only coming from your relaxing cup of tea. Ahhh.

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