In Who Do We Trust?

TrustSome people are very trusting. Others, because they’ve been burned, require a whole lot of effort before they’re willing to let someone in again.

Call me naive, call me crazy, or don’t call me at all, but I generally like to believe that most people come from a good place. Most are not out to get ya. That being said, I’m no pushover either. So I decided to make a list of the some of the telltale signs of someone you just might want to reconsider going into business with, lending money to, or handing over the keys to your new
1. Those who blame you for everything, even when they clearly carry some of the responsibility
2. Those who never let you off the hook
3. Those who are chronically late and don’t apologize
4. Those who push their work on you
5. Those who are too busy to help you
6. Those who never return the favor
7. Those who feel that their ideas are always superior
8. Those who don’t look you in the eye
9. Those who always want to work with their vendor, their friends…and not yours
10. Those who seem to have an excuse for everything
11. And above all, those who rarely do what they say they will

Remember: “Trust everyone, but cut the cards.”

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3 Responses to “In Who Do We Trust?”

  1. I’m reminded of a Zen Koan – the Student climbs the mountain and when finally, he gets to the top, all out of breath. He says to the master, “Master, {panting} Master! Should I trust in God or tie my camel?” The Master, looks at the student, thinks deeply and says, “My son, trust in God. And for Gods sake, tie your camel!”

  2. Hi Robert,

    I really like this post – some of these “telltale” signs I have seen before & am conscious of, others, perhaps I wasn’t consciously aware of them, but now that you’ve put them out there, I can see situations where I have placed my trust in the past and it has been taken advantage of.

    A worthwhile list to be aware of to help you hold your boundaries (& it’s come at the perfect time for me, just to solidify some new boundaries I’ve created).


    Helena 🙂

  3. Great list, I’d like to add – Those that talk bad about everybody else because they will also be talking bad about you.

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