The Value of Great Employees

employee-retentionDo you value great employees? I would assume so. But what are you doing to keep them?

There’s an old saying, “Good help is hard to find.” As someone who’s hired hundreds of people over the years, I can tell ya, that is so true. And when you find a winner, maybe even a diamond in the rough, make the effort to train, support, develop and motivate them. Invest in your team and they’ll invest in you. If resources are available, give them the opportunity to enrich themselves with further trainings that give them tools to improve their work performance and their lives. When an employee feels that their life is better because of the place they work, they will remain loyal. Whether it’s through salary increases, incentives, profit sharing and perks, do what you can. And never forget…respect, rapport and teamwork.35499-Globe-Award

A few years ago, I worked for a company that in one year went through over 800 employees to fill 100 positions. Do you think they valued their employees? Not a chance. Even those who stayed, were miserable, and were made to feel like they had no better options. Very sad. No surprise, I didn’t stay there long.

And keep this in mind: The price of training someone new. VERY costly. Much more than the cost of taking care of those who are valuable.

Monday morning…take time (well spent) to reappraise the value of your team…and then take the necessary steps to keep them.

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  1. Nice, I really like what i am reading here, I agree totally!

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