INVEST IN YOURSELF by Robert Finkelstein

invest in yourselfYou know any good investments? I do. I always do. My answer, “Invest in yourself.”

This is a lifetime investment and it can pay immeasurable dividends. Ask yourself what you do to create a wealthier you…and I’m not talking about money.

If you want to be rich, try some of these investment strategies.
1. Read – Find books that stretch your imagination, challenge your way of thinking, raise your bar and lead you down a path of growth and transformation. Don’t forget to turn of the TV in the background.
2. Exercise – Talk to your doctor. Get a report card. Design a fitness routine that’s appropriate for you and one you’ll stick to. I’d recommend finding a workout partner too. Remember, no pain, no gain.
3. Diet – Again, talk to your doctor. Find out what’s missing and what you might have too much of. You got one body. I suggest you treat it right.
4. Manage your time – Over the last few weeks, I’ve offer some great tools. Re-read them. Keep a journal. Stay organized and on task. Make the most of your day, every day. The feeling of accomplishment is very satisfying.globe
5. Your Time – Whatever time during the day you can dedicate exclusively to you, make it happen. Perhaps it’s a lunch break, could be your commuting time, you decide. What time is it? Tend to you.
6. Expand your network – This couldn’t be easier. With all-too-addicting social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace, you can find the ones that appeal to you, your interests and career. Of course, the old fashioned, meeting in person, social groups is always nice. Whatever you preference, get to work on that network.
7. Education – As the Managing Director of a seminar company, I’m a big advocate for continued education. Do your research. Find seminars, trainings, online programs and night classes that expand your world. Knowledge is so empowering.
8. Invest in someone else – Take care of yourself first, and when that’s on track, share your transformation and learnings with someone else…and then someone else…and then…. You get the idea.

These are just a few simple ideas. You probably have lots more.

**RING** The market just opened. Start investing!

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