Know Your Stuff

Know you stuffAbout twenty years ago, I did a brief stint as an account executive at an investment firm in Beverly Hills. One morning, the company brought in a motivational speaker to get us pumped up. All these years later, I remember only one thing that guy said…”Fake it ’til you make it.” What the–?!

Don’t fake anything in life. How rewarding can that be? Whatever your vocation, your passion in life, invest 100% in it. Be the best you can be. Become an expert, and then challenge yourself to learn even more, do a better job, inspire others, lead by example…know your stuff!

Sweet dessertSome say knowledge is power…but really it’s nothing if you don’t do something with it.

If you develop an insatiable appetite for knowledge, your dessert will taste that much better.

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2 Responses to “Know Your Stuff”

  1. Great article, Robert!

    I agree that we should always strive for excellence AND on the way there we should see ourselves as having already arrived. With that mindset, we will build ourselves up in our own eyes and in the eyes of others, attracting the right resources and connections to assist us in the advancement and eventual achievement of our long range goals. So in that sense, I do believe is Fake it Until You Make it. If you want to be successful, first you must act successful!

    Yes or Yes?

    🙂 Tracy ‘Power Gal’ Monteforte
    Co Founder

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