Planning Your Business Plan (Part 1)

BusinessPlanSo how are your writing and proofing skills? Have you ever seen a Business Plan that was poorly written? It’s not a pretty picture.

When you’re working on a Plan, you must take spelling, grammar, punctuation, design and style into account. If these are not your strongest qualities, then find someone to go through it with a fine tooth comb. Look, investors aren’t as interested in your English skills as they are the details of the Plan, but I can assure you, a poorly written one will speak volumes about you. How you do one thing in life, is how you do everything. If you’ve written it sloppily, they’re going to wonder what else you do that way?Approved Remember, there are thousands of people vying for investment capital. It hard enough getting a “yes” out of an investor, that you certainly don’t want to blow it because you were careless.

So, bottom line, hit “spell check” before turning in your Biznezz Plen.

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3 Responses to “Planning Your Business Plan (Part 1)”

  1. Dana Lange Says:

    It’s amazing the number of business plans I’ve seen with poor gramer. Don’t just trust spellcheck, it can spell the wrong word correctly. If you’re asking me for money, then you had better make sure you come across as someone worthy of my money. Great post Robert.

  2. Ummm…perhaps you meant to say, “poor grammar?” (The irony of that just tickles me). 🙂

  3. This is so true. Thanks and good luck!

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