Planning Your Business Plan (Part 2)

BusinessPlanSo you’ve mastered the English language and won your local Spelling Bee…now what? Dress for success. Not you, the Business Plan. You got the words right, now make sure it’s lookin’ good.

You’ve worked hard on this Plan, right? Then make sure it all adds up…literally. No mistakes. The pages are numbered, the margins are consistent, spreadsheets are labeled, formulas are correct, headers top the pages, it’s in a senseable order, it tells the story they way you want it to. Odds are you’re only going to get one chance to impress a possible investor, VC or banker. If you’re plan looks sloppy, you don’t stand a chance. fingerscrossed

So dot your i’s and cross your t’s…and it wouldn’t hurt to cross your fingers too.

Planning Your Business Plan (Part 3-10) – Coming soon!

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2 Responses to “Planning Your Business Plan (Part 2)”

  1. I like Part 2. It’s nice to get smaller read-able chunks.

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