Planning Your Business Plan (Part 4)

BusinessPlanYour Business Plan is now well-organized. How does it read? I hope not like a mystery.

It must tell a very clear, concise story that’s easily understandable to anyone reasonably intelligent. If it’s not, you’ve got some rewriting to do. There’s a delicate balance between complicated and vague. topsecretIf you’re leaning toward the latter because you’re business involves confidential information (business partners, processes, technologies, etc.), then make sure the Plan includes a reasonable explanation. You don’t have to disclose any proprietary details. If they want to learn more, have them sign a noncompete and nondisclosure agreement. Keep in mind, some investors will not sign one, for a number of reasons – fear of the legal ramifications, no interest in competing anyway, or any legal fees that might arise.

equationIf you’re Plan is very complicated, keep your audience in mind. If they can’t understand it, they won’t bother with it. That’s just a reality.

Okay, back to work. You’ve got investors to impress.

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