Planning Your Business Plan (Part 5)

BusinessPlanAh, the delicate balance between too vague and too much detail. How do you know when too much is TOO much? No one knows your business better than you, so you have to be the judge.

Some businesses are more technical or scientific than others. For those types, the Plan will probably have to include details that would confuse most investors. If understanding certain processes or technologies is critical to the success of your business, then it has to be in the Plan. But where do you put it so as not to put off the Venture Capitalist who does want to be bogged down in those details. escher_relativityHere’s a recommendation. Break your Business Plan into three sections – 2-3 page executive summary, 10-20 page business plan and finally an appendix (as long as necessary) that includes every detail you feel would be important to fully understand what you’re looking to accomplish. This gives the reader a chance to focus on what they’re interested in and not have to weed through what they’re not.

Keep in mind, regardless of who’s read it, make sure they get it.

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One Response to “Planning Your Business Plan (Part 5)”

  1. Great article. Have always loved that Escher drawing. I relate to it. ~ Nancy

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