Planning Your Business Plan (Part 6)

BusinessPlanWishful thinking, second guessing, fingers crossed, if the stars align just right, and on and on. A Business Plan is loaded with optimism and assumptions. “This business, this one, yup, this time, this one is going to succeed.”

You’ve figured out how to balance vague and detailed. That was very important.

ThinkerWhat about all your assumptions? They need to be highlighted throughout the plan, but substantiated against industry benchmarks that make your assumptions plausible. Think each one through. The Plan won’t be effective if you’ve buried the assumptions among the facts, so no one can tell one from the other. To make the deal, you’ve got to keep it real.

That way…this one, this time…I think so too.

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One Response to “Planning Your Business Plan (Part 6)”

  1. Well said. In our MBA school, we teach the students to plan and prepare for worst case scenarios. Too often, entrepreneurs live with their wishful thinking without doing the proper research and planning. Yup! Keep it REAL!

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