Planning Your Business Plan (Part 10)

BusinessPlanSo now you’re the man with the Plan…or woman, of course. The Plan is really your roadmap. It’s your guided tour of your business, and how successful you believe it will be in the near future, and even more so in the distant.

RoadmapThe “roadmap” does more that just describe what each stage along the way will look like. It’s a very detailed explanation of how you’ll get there. Just like a well-planned out roadtrip, know your route, and highlight the landmarks. In this case, the landmarks need to be your milestones. As I’ve mentioned before, you know your business best. Pick ones that are challenging, but obtainable. Perhaps it’s the number of customers you’ll have, the number of orders, products manufactured, or revenue generated, as you travel along your timeline. You’ll have 100 of this and 1000 of that by then…if not more.

To sum it all up, give your potential investors everything they need to know in order to navigate through your Business Plan. You don’t want them getting lost.

Good luck!

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