The Business Laws of Attraction (Part 1)

magnet money“Show me the money!” Why not.

Running a successful business takes hard work and strategic thinking. In the next series of blogs, I’ll share some ideas that will help you bring in the business. So let’s begin with a couple of basics, shall we….

1. You’ve got to have great marketing tools. brochure-designs-4Spend what you can afford, and make sure it’s done wisely. Get the most bang for your buck. Whether you have a million dollar budget or you need to hire a marketing/art student, give it all the thought it deserves. Ask yourself what are the right marketing materials (website, brochures, cards, etc.) for your business…and then get ’em made.

2. After the tone, please leave…. redphoneIf you have the wrong message on your answer machine, that’s exactly what they’ll do. Simple thing, but so often disregarded. Be creative, but not annoying. Make it simple to navigate. Press 1 for this, press 2 for that. Be professional. And if you can’t be, there are services out there that record amazing messages. I used one a few years ago. Between the voice and the background music, you would think you were listening to the trailer for the next blockbuster Hollywood film. Clients loved it! If you make sure your message is getting heard…they’ll probably leave you for one.

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