The Business Laws of Attraction (Part 3)

magnet moneyThus far I’ve given you a few basic ideas to consider. So what’s next? How about some good ol’ fashioned friendly service? Please tell me you do remember what that is…cause unfortunately, not everyone does.

6. Lend a helping hand. community_picI think it would nice to be known for more than just the business service you provide. In your community, participate in fund raisers, sponsor events, volunteer at your local schools…there are plenty of opportunities. When you get involved in your community, and it comes from a place of sincerity…your community will get involved in your business.

free-samples7. Another great way to stand out from the competition is, if possible, to provide samples of your products, give free tips, demonstrations or consultations. If you can offer a simple service that others don’t, the edge goes to you. Nothing too elaborate or it will look contrived. Make it genuine and people will take notice.

In advertising, it’s said that you have to touch a person about seven times before they respond to your message. By taking the advice I’m offering, you’ll definitely lower that number.

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