Motivating Your Team (Part 2)

motivationWe’re off to a good start. This is going to be Motivation and Morale Building 101. Without this foundation, the building won’t be solid. Okay, I trust you already have the smiling down, so let’s move on.

Does being liked by your team make it easier to motivate them? It certainly helps. If you’re disliked, odds are you’re not motivating them and morale is in the toilet. There’s a balance here that needs to be considered. If you try too hard to be liked, I doubt you’ll be respected as a leader. arrowIf you base your business decisions on whether or not the team will like you, you’re not being an effective manager. Be decisive, supportive, empowering, informative (no one likes to be in the dark), an advocate of change, dedicated to the cause, a positive influence and, of course, lead by example (ah, there it is again). Simple keys to being a great motivator. And you know what, you still may not be liked…but you’ll be respected and remembered. So let’s assume the best and take it from there.

power of wordsAn important aspect in engaging your employees is having very positive conversations, using simple, yet powerful words. I remember a few years ago having an employee in my office to discuss why she had decided to leave Target Corporation. She reported to one of the department heads below me. “Quite simply,” she said, “if Monica said ‘Thank you’ once in awhile, I’d have stayed.” That’s all it would have taken. “Thank you.” What I’m getting at is the importance of using encouraging, supportive, grateful comments. “Please”…never underestimate their value…or your team’s.

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One Response to “Motivating Your Team (Part 2)”

  1. john r walden Says:

    dear sir;

    we have asimple miltary style as we are mostly veterans, there is one chief and all others indians. we have one rule, get it done, no excuses.

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