Motivating Your Team (Part 3)

motivationOne of the keys to successfully motivating your team is good communication. There are few things that kill morale faster than a lack of it. And it all starts with clearly defined expectations. If the team doesn’t know what’s expected of them, how can they possibly be successful?

business-communication-indexAll too frequently, supervisors think they’ve laid out the plans, goals, targets, deadlines, requirements in a way that’s impossible to misunderstand or misinterpret. But look at the blank expressions on the faces of the team, and you’ll know otherwise. It’s crucial that there’s no ambiguity. As a manager, take the time to ask for questions, feedback…make sure everyone knows the desire outcome.

time_deadlines1Keep this same philosophy in mind when the plans or requirements change before a deadline is reached. When that happens, it can really throw the team off track. It’s very important that you give an explanation. Maybe you can’t say everything, but at least say something, especially if the deadlines have to be moved up. If you don’t, you can expect the employees to wonder whether their supervisors know what they’re doing, just winging it or don’t care about the undo stress they’re causing. If the reasons are…well, reasonable, the team will continue to be supportive.

Bottom line here, the clear communication of objectives is one of the most important keys to motivating and maintaining great morale.

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