Motivating Your Team (Part 4)

motivationI’m going to keep this one short but motivational. I’m attending a seminar and my time online is very limited. As I mentioned in my blog “Invest In Yourself,” I highly recommend furthering your education.

As one who has supervised many and been supervised, it’s very comforting to know where you stand. Providing feedback on a regular basis is so important for morale. I’ve always said that an employee should never be surprised if a promotion or walking papers are being deliveredemployeereview. Keeping the team informed about their individual performance is key. It’s hard to keep them motivated if they don’t know how they’re doing. So schedule reviews – I recommend every six months – with the year-end being more detailed. In my book, a review does not constitute a pay raise. If it’s earned, and the company is in a healthy position, an increase can be delivered anytime. Trust me, it won’t be turned down.

Again, communication is paramount if you want to motivate and maintain great morale.

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