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Improve Bottom Line Profitability (Part 4) by Robert Finkelstein

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profit Have you started implementing any of these cost-saving strategies? Of course you have. Who wouldn’t want to improve their bottom line profitability.

I mentioned previously in Part 3, the concept of virtual communications – allowing your employees to work remotely, which could save you a great deal on office space alone. Let’s dive into another couple of virtual ideas.

go-to-my-pc.png10. For years, I’ve been using, which allows me to access my office and home computers remotely from my laptop…anywhere in the world. Great program and inexpensive. Another wonderful tool is, which allows you to invite others to view a presentation or demonstration on your computer. You want to save money on travel and hotels, conduct a few meetings like this and you’ll be very happy. There’s always, another great tool for chatting, talking or video calls…for free! Give it a try, you’ll always find me on it.

help-key11. Finally…a virtual assistant. If you’re not really familiar with the concept, Wikipedia defines it as “an entrepreneur who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients from a home office.” If you’re in need of someone to help you with emails, online filing, proofing, writing, you can pretty much name it, this is great way to go. I know people who have used the same VA for years. There are so many companies out there. You’ll have to do your research to see which one provides the services appropriate for your company. You can also use Social Networking websites to get some recommendations. I’ve personally used is, which allows you to offer up a single project to be bid on by professionals looking for extra work. Nothing’s too small or too big…and you can save a fortune here too.

Please let me know if this has helped get you thinking, and if it has, start implementing. You’ll thank me all the way to the bank.

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