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Making Sales Leads Payoff (Part 1)

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Darts-on-target We all want to generate more revenue for our companies, but doing that isn’t always easy. How do you find leads, manage and ultimately close them? Consistent, predictable sales that hit your revenue targets can only be accomplished if you have a well-sharpened sales lead management system in place.

Allow me to offer up some essential strategies necessary to maximize your sales leads (in no specific order).

salesmeeting1. Meetings. Make sure everyone is on the same page. Establish clearly defined goals. You should have regularly scheduled meetings in which you discuss lead generation, relationship building, closing strategies, successes and failures, and your CRM (customer relationship management) program to insure that you’re taking advantage of every opportunity and improving your team’s skills. A lack of communication is inexcusable.

prospecting2. Lead? What qualifies someone as a lead? When does a prospect become a lead? When you know what that is, make sure the whole team understands it…eat, sleeps and breathes it. If there’s any confusion, you’ll have problems. Most leads never get acted upon – mostly because the person prospecting isn’t clear on what to do, never looks for solutions, and ultimately doesn’t get it to the right sales person in a timely manner. Keep in mind, when a prospect is reached, more often than not, they’re not ready to buy right out of the gate. It takes a few contacts before that happens. Most prospectors don’t hang in there. They’ll abandon the tough ones for the easy and often smaller prospects. The sales team never even got the chance. Make sure the entire staff is equipped with the tools and knowledge to win.

So this is just the beginning. Make sure these two steps are in place and we’ll dive into more tomorrow.

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