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Making Sales Leads Payoff (Part 3)

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Darts-on-target Let’s continue to look at ways to find leads, manage and ultimately close them. Implementing these concepts will yield positive results very quickly.

announcement5. Source. How do your prospects hear about your company? I would assume that it’s most likely via ads, calls, referrals, and any other marketing methods you can think of. Make sure you’re keeping track of how they reached you and how they’re responding. Most advertising efforts require quite a few “touches” before a someone takes action. For each marketing method you use, you need to know what’s working, why, how quickly do people respond, how do they respond, what’s the acquisition cost associated with each prospect and anything else you can think of that helps you manage the sources.

customer_services2small6. Treatment. Between your CRM and your tracking source information, the whole team should be able to have complete visibility to the status of a prospect or customer. Keep in mind, your CRM system will allow an administrator to restrict certain information from whoever is deemed “need to know” only – often financial or personal information is guarded. But what’s important here is that with this visibility, prospects are treated with the same respect and service given to a customer. Answers can be given immediately, actions can be taken and documented for the next time there’s contact with this person. It’s quite amazing how this can impact a prospect’s perception of your company, which in turn, can help your sales pipeline.

Take notice of each new prospect that’s now turned into a customer because you are taking action and improving your systems. Keep up the winning ways.

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