Making Sales Leads Payoff (Part 4)

Darts Sales Target Do you value leads? How about your prospects? Obviously, your answer is going to be yes, but surprisingly few companies act like it. Crazy, but true.

timer respond to leads7. Act quick. You’ve a got lead – how quickly does your team respond? You know from your own experience that all too often dealing with other companies, the response is slow coming. Your interest in whatever prompted you to call probably diminished with each passing day. Don’t let that happen to your prospects or leads. Respond within 48 hours…no excuses. Studies have proven unequivocally that shortening your response time will definitely increase your closing rate. If potential clients have a great experience with you right out of the gate, you’ll set yourself apart from so many other companies that just don’t value their leads the way they need to.

nurture sales leads8. Treatment. Most people generally don’t buy the first time they’re introduced to a product, whether it’s in person or an advertisement. You need to nurture them…if you want them to grow. If you understand this, accept the fact that you can’t always sell people right away, that it might take a few touches before a prospect makes a purchase, you can design campaigns that move them through the sales cycle and eventually to a sale.

If you take good care of your customers, they’ll take good care of your business.

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