Making Sales Leads Payoff (Part 5)

Darts Sales TargetI trust you’ve found my suggestions to be helpful. Applying even one will undoubtedly yield positive results…but I recommend doing all of them. There is a very important element remaining. It’s critical that you keep your prospecting and sales teams excited about their leads.

Here’s how you do that….

more profitsFirst of all, make sure you are personally motivating your team, setting them up to win. Provide your prospects with best leads available. Starting with old, worked over lists is deflating and frustrating. I’ll assume you’re not doing that. So given that the leads are solid, make sure you collect as much information as possible on each prospect every opportunity you get. Give your prospectors well-design targeted questions that give your sales team an edge when they’re talking to prospects or upselling existing clients. “How did you learn about us?” “What is it about our products that interests you?” “How will our products impact your life?” Keep detailed and easily accessible records on each person. The more information your sales people have, the more equipped they are to close the deal. And that will excite them. If they’re confident in their own ability, and you’ve provided great qualified leads, they will be very motivated, chompin’ at the bit to get to work.

No excuses. Improve your lead capturing, qualifying, timeliness and execution. Now go close those leads!

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