Tips For A Successful Interview (Part 2)

interview tipsGotta get that job?! Follow the tips I laid out yesterday and will continue over the next few days. The likelihood of showing up to an interview unprepared and landing the position is very unlikely. It’s never easy, and in this crazy economy, where jobs are scarce but candidates aren’t, you’ve got to do your homework and be well-prepared.

interview puzzle piecesYou’ve done your research and prepared your resume. There are a few logistically details to keep in mind. Depending upon how far in advance you’ve scheduled your interview, I suggest you reconfirm the date, time, place and people you’re meeting with the recruiter or human resources. Situations change, as do staffing. Who you were going to meet a week ago might be different today. If that’s the case, you might have to jump back online and see if there’s any information on the new interviewers. If you’re in a situation where you will have multiple interviews, be taking a test, participating in a job-specific discussion group, going on a tour, whatever it could be, you can again confirm that the agenda has remained the same. Last minutes changes or no changes, you have all the pieces of the puzzle and they’re in place.

Directions compassDirections…get ’em. Use Google maps and your GPS too, but that might only get you to the block where the company exists. There might be a specific building and parking details you’ll need to know. The last thing you want is to feel lost once you’ve arrived. Speaking of which, don’t get there too early. Stay in your car if necessary…but make sure you know exactly where your meeting is. Walk in about 15 minutes prior. Don’t be late!! I hesitate to even mention it, but if you are going to be, call them. You’re excuse better be spectacular…cause traffic ain’t gonna cut it. You need to plan ahead, just as an employer would expect you to do if you were attending a meeting as an employee.

When you get there, be polite and personable. The first person you say hello to could be the person you’re about to interview with. Remember, first impressions…. And don’t ask anyone for “pointers,” “the inside scoop,” or anything else related to the job. They expect you to know everything there is to know. Be confident!

You’ve done more homework than most applicants. You’re in good shape.

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