Tips For A Successful Interview (Part 4)

interview tipsWe have just one more area to discuss in regards to the preparation, having already covered Research, Logistics and What to Bring. You’ve probably heard the old saying, “Dress for success.” Well, there’s some truth to that. When you go on an interview, you need to fit in with the culture of the company, and how you put yourself together makes a difference.

Dress for successLike some of the other tips I’ve provided, they’re just common sense, but each is important and shouldn’t be forgotten or deemed unnecessary. Take the time to put yourself together. Make sure you give the impression that you care about the interview, the time they’re giving you and the opportunity. Dress appropriately. If you’ve done your research (which I know you have), you’ll know how formal or casual the environment is. On an interview, I would suggest dressing more to the formal side. Better to overdress than under.

Too much bling for an interviewDon’t overdo the cologne or perfume. Trust me, if you stink, good or bad, you’re not going to get hired. Remember, during an interview, the interviewers are thinking about more than just your qualifications. They’re imagining what it would be like to work with you. Make sure you fit in. If you’re standing out for the wrong reasons – not good. Keep what you’re wearing simple. Avoid T-shirts with controversial messages and anything with distracting prints. You need to be more interesting than what you’re wearing. General rule, if you have tattoos, cover them. Over the last decade or so, they’ve obviously become much more acceptable and common, but you need to know the employer. Most still don’t want them visible in the workplace. And finally, keep the accessories to a minimum. Don’t walk in with all the bling you own. Again, distracting. This is about you, your qualifications and personality. Leave the shining to them.

Preparation complete. Next week, I’ll dive into some tips for the interview itself.

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