Tips For A Successful Interview (Part 6)

Interview tipsWe’re rounding the final turn and in the home stretch. Landing the job is now in your sights. We’ve covered all the necessary Preparation – research, logistics, what to bring and what to wear. Then we moved into the Interview specifically – demeanor.

Let’s head toward the finish line, shall we.

Interview discussionDiscussion
I mentioned before, stay focused. Keep your goal in mind. With that said, make sure your comments are very much oriented toward what you will bring and add to their organization. In Part 1, I recommended preparing for the inevitable questions. Have a few of your own as well. They need to be well-thought out and relevant. They need to show your understanding of the responsibilities, interest in the position and excitement for the opportunity you’re being given.

I highly recommend you don’t do the following:
Do's and don'ts1. Don’t ask TOO many questions. Although you are, to some degree, interviewing them as well…that’s not how they see it.
2. Don’t bring up salary and benefits, until they do. If they’re ready to talk about it, you’re doing great. If they’re not, don’t get discouraged. But you might as well wait until they are. It really serves no purpose discussing it prematurely.
3. Don’t answer questions with only a yes or no. Elaborate, with clear, concise explanations and examples from your experience.
4. Don’t joke around too much. Show your personality and enjoy the interview process. Keep it light. But if you used to be the class clown, this isn’t the time or place to prove it.
Don't lie5. Don’t, and I repeat, don’t lie or misrepresent your qualifications. It’s all part of having integrity. You are who you are. I promise you, if not today, then someday, lying during an interview will come back to haunt you and your reputation.
6. And while you’re not doing any of these five things…don’t chew gum…no matter how much it calms you.

You’re pulling ahead of the pack now. No photo-finishes here. Tomorrow will be the last chapter in this series. I’ll meet you in the winner’s circle.

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