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Tips For A Successful Interview (Part 7)

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Interview tipsThere it is, the finish line. Winning that job is just steps away. A few more “finishing” touches and you’ll have all my tips and techniques for a successful interview.

Taking notesIn addition to your resume, I’d recommend bringing a nice notebook. Even a notepad will work, if it’s in good condition. Just don’t let them see the notes you took at the last interview. Keep it looking clean. So what do you write down? I’d start with the names of the people you met. You don’t want to get them wrong when you thank the interviewers on the way out or in the ‘Thank You’ notes. Assuming all is going well, you’ll want to write down whatever steps occur next in the interview process. If you’re working with a recruiter, the details will probably be given directly to them to pass along to you. Very important, make sure that whatever you choose to write down doesn’t interfere with your focusing on the discussion.

Follow-up callIf you got the job through a headhunter or recruiter, give them a call to review the interview. Don’t call the company directly. If you’ve been given the interviewers’ business cards, you can send them ‘Thank You’ notes…and you’ll also want to send one to the recruiter.

You did all your preparation and you aced the interview. Now it’s out of your hands. Try not to put all your eggs in one basket. Keep looking for other opportunities. Continue to use all the tips and techniques, and the odds will be in your favor. If all goes well, you’ll receive more than one offer. Now there’s a problem worth having.

Good luck!!

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