Growing Your Business (Part 5) by Robert Finkelstein

Grow Your BusinessMoving right along, our list of ways to grow your business continues to…for lack of another word…grow. Locations, franchising, licensing, diversifying…what’s next you ask?

Other markets
BusinessDo you have a brick and mortar? Are you an e-commerce business? Perhaps my question should be, “What type of business are you not?” The answer to that question might be your next area of expansion. So many options here – Online, storefront, domestic, international, call centers, conventions, sales representatives, and on and on. Then of course you can consider focusing on a different demographic – adults, college kids, teens, special interest groups, baby boomers, elderly, and on and on. Who have you not targeted? The posibilities here are vast…or re-read Growing Your Business (Parts 1-4) for other suggestions.

Government contract
Government contractsRegrettably, I don’t know too much about this, but what I do know is that the US government is that largest buyer of goods and services in the world – to the tune of about $250 billion. Get in good with them, and you’re expansion might be locked and loaded. Now it’s not easy. Lots of paperwork and regulations, but again, worth it. Once you’re granted a government contract, there’s little competition from outside marketplaces. Check it out. Uncle Sam might want what you’re selling.

Still more ideas to come. Hope your entrepreneurial ideas are flowing.

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2 Responses to “Growing Your Business (Part 5) by Robert Finkelstein”

  1. Robert,
    People should need to understand that even though a person is an entrepreneur, they still cannot start and run a successful business solo. It takes a lot of knowledge like you are passing along here and people that you can talk to about the barriers they encounter and how to overcome them. An excellent tool for this is a Master Mind. Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books says a Master Mind “is one of the most powerful tools for success… I don’t know anybody who has become supersuccessful who has not employed the principle of masterminding.”

  2. I felt compelled to comment today. Thank you for the opportunity. I deal with companies, both very large and small, who constantly deal with growth and how to manafest more of it. It is my very strong belief that before someone puts even a day of effort into growth, that they put two days into planning EXACTLY what it looks like at the other end of the growth. What you want in terms of everything you are trying to create from revenue, number of clients and markets served all the way to exactly what it looks like for you when you get there. Trust me, if your focus and energy are there, you will achieve what you want so make certain it is what you want in the first place, then watch that focus generate your miracle.

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