How to Ready, Aim, Fire Someone (Part 2)

Pink slipIn Part 1, I covered giving honest feedback and written warnings. Most importantly, document everything! So in our quest for as pain free a termination as possible, we continue with the specifics.

Be Specific
Be specificWritten warnings are an absolute essential. Being specific is equally so. Like I said before, “no surprises.” If you tell your employee that they’re “not doing well”, that doesn’t really give them much information and nothing specific to improve upon. Provide details. And, if you’d prefer to keep the employee if they could improve, then give them the tools to do so. If they’re failing at whatever it was that you hired them to do, then you might not have trained them very well or you hired the wrong candidate. Either way, you can’t cry over spilled milk. Make it right now. “Improve in these specific areas…or you’re out in 30 days.” You can use your own words.

Not on Fridays
You're firedI’ve never liked letting someone go on a Friday. Let them enjoy the weekend…instead of wallowing in gloom…plotting their revenge. I’m just kidding…but you never know. Seriously though, start the week off cleanly, and take care of business. If they’re not improving and the deadline has arrived, do what you need to do. If you do see a positive change, maybe you need to extend the deadline and allow them more time to continue becoming the employee you need. That’s your call. Remember, be honest to them and to yourself. Cut the ties, if that’s what’s necessary.

Lead when they need direction and mentor when they need to learn. Fire them when neither works.

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