How to Ready, Aim, Fire Someone (Part 4)

Pink slipAs a business owner, manager or supervisor, few responsibilities are tougher to carry out than firing someone. Make sure you read all parts of this series. I can assure you, taking the necessary steps will make this easier…for both of you.

You’re out!
You're outThis might seem a bit harsh, but in most situations, I recommend the following:
1. Unless it’s in the best interest of the company to keep the employee around, I suggest you have that person leave immediately.
2. Allow them to return to their desk and pick up their personal items. If you do this with everyone you fire, then no one will think they’ve been singled out. Make it policy.
3. If there’s a concern that company property will be stolen, make sure the employee is watched until they’re done, and then escorted out. You certainly don’t want to give the disgruntled employee, the one who feels that the firing was unjustified, an opportunity to sabotage your I.T. system, or steal files or passwords. Even the most honest person might find the company’s staplers are too hard to resist.
Personal property4. If there a serious security risk, have the employee’s access to computer files and email shut off while you’re in your meeting. Better safe than sorry.
5. Make sure you collect all company owned property – keys, laptops, cell phones, credit cards, etc. Once they’re gone, good luck getting the smaller items back. If they don’t have the credit card with them, make sure it’s canceled immediately. I’ll assume you know why.

All common sense. All easily forgotten. Remember, take time when hiring, not when firing.

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