How to Ready, Aim, Fire Someone (Part 6)

Pink slipTake a breath and let it out slowly. The fired employee has now left the building. But your work isn’t done.

Who’s Doing What – Reassign Responsibilities
Reassign responsibilitiesIf you haven’t already given this some thought, you better get on it. Personally, I would recommend making the decision as to who will be handling the responsibilities of the person you just fired, before you fire them. Sometimes it’s an easy one, but when it comes to high level management responsibilities, it might require more thought. First of all, will that person be replaced at all? If not, and others will be asked to pick up the slack, will you be compensating them for that? What’s your plan? The termination of a manager can raise eyebrows and concerns within the team. More work without pay or incentives can create challenges for an owner. If it’s a short term fix, it shouldn’t be a problem. If it’s a long term one, you need to think it through. As I’ve written in the past, it’s so important to take care of your staff, especially those you want to keep.

Staff Meeting
Staff meetingRight after the termination, call everyone together. Without going into details, let them know what’s happened. It’s always best to cut off the rumors before they start…or before the ex-employee calls everyone. This is a good time to reassign the responsibilities, answer questions and ease any concerns.

One final blog on this tomorrow – we’ll call it a summary and a some words of wisdom. And now, back to work.

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One Response to “How to Ready, Aim, Fire Someone (Part 6)”

  1. Always a difficult situation. I was fired several years ago and decided to stay an extra week ( on my own time) and set all the programs up that I was working on, so things would continue to run smoothly for another 6 months. Call it being a humanitarian. It sucked getting canned cus I invested a lot of energy into the place in pulling it out of being a money loosing business, yadda yadda. It also sucked that they couldn’t afford to give me a raise when I asked for one and yet they had to hire ( 3 ) people to replace me when I left.

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