Running a Successful Company Meeting (Part 2)

Company meetingYou scheduled the meeting and they showed up. You can’t ask for a better start. You fed them. They can’t ask for a better start. But now it’s time to dig in…to the work.

Breaking the ice
Breaking the iceSo how do you get started? I would recommend an ice breaker. Maybe an appropriate joke or story, something amusing that happened recently at work. If it can be tied in to the subject of the meeting, all the better. Or ask a question that gets everyone engaged, where they have to give answers or raise their hand. You want their attention. Encourage participation, but keep control. You don’t want everyone speaking at once…which leads to wasted time…which doesn’t lead to a successful meeting.

Starting the presentation
Starting the presentationOne of the challenges faced by the person conducting the meeting is keeping it interesting. You don’t want anyone nodding off, and if you’re only planning to lecture, that might just happen. Like I mentioned before, keep them engaged by asking questions that require a response. If it’s possible, consider mixing up the presentation with handouts, some audio/visuals (overhead projector, PowerPoint, video, etc.). The more involved the participants are, the more they’ll enjoy the meeting.

More great ideas to come.

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