Running a Successful Company Meeting (Part 3)

Company meetingKeeping it moving along is key when you’re running a company meeting. If you’re prepared and follow my suggestions, you’ll have nothing to worry about. But remember, it doesn’t take much to derail a runaway freight train. Keep it on the tracks, a steady pace and your passengers will be glad they traveled with you.

Guest speaker
Guest speakerFor a change of pace, you could invite a guest speaker. Lots of options here. This could be a vendor or client. Someone who can teach something pertinent to the team. Perhaps someone to motivate them. You probably can’t do this if you’re meeting weekly, but maybe once a month. Give it a try, they might like it.

QuestionsEncourage questions. They can be written down or emailed to you in advance and then addressed during the meeting. If you don’t go that route, leave time for questions at the end. Make sure the speaker or whomever is conducting the meeting, repeats the questions. That way there’s no confusion what was asked. If someone walks away feeling that their questions went unanswered, it will overshadow all the hard work you put into making the meeting interesting and productive. If you really do run out of time, then answer the question privately with the employee. If it pertains to the whole team, you can email them all the answer.

More suggestions in the next blog.

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