Running a Successful Company Meeting (Part 4)

Company meetingIf you can conduct a meeting that keeps everyone interested and engaged, you shouldn’t have any trouble when it’s time to call the next one. If you allow the meeting to become painfully boring and a waste of time, no one will be responsive to the next invitation. And if that’s the case, you really need to read these blogs.

Goals and Agenda
Meeting goalsI assume you have a well thought out agenda for the meeting. Do your best to stick to it, what needs to be covered and the timeline. If it’s an hour, stick to it. Attendees will plan their day around it, so stay punctual.

You’ve already broken the ice, but now lead into the business with good news. Start it off on a positive note. Think the agenda through carefully so that the meeting flows nicely. That being the case, you should also have clear objectives and goals for the outcome. Of course, not everything has to be crammed into the meeting. Take that into consideration. Who’s attending? What meeting goals should be met with those people in mind? If an individual or smaller meetings would be a better use of time for some, then keep those goals for another time and place.

Manage the content and time well.

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