Qualities of a Great Business Leader – Manage Performance & Build Trust (Part 2)

Business leaderThere are bosses and there are leaders. They can be one in the same, or very different. Few individuals really become great business leaders, probably because they’re not willing to invest the time and energy it takes. But those dedicated ones that do, make a world of difference…luckily.

Manage Performance & Build Trust
Manage performanceHere are some of the qualities that make a true leader stand out from the crowd.

In no specific order, a leader….
1. Understands the needs of the company, and hires and recruits the most talented candidates
2. Knows how to measure skills and provide constructive feedback
3. Promotes empowerment, giving just the right amount of responsibility to match the individual’s ability
4. Holds his/her team accountable
5. Encourages individuality and builds self-confidence
6. Celebrates success of others
7. Takes action when performance does not meet expectations
8. Supports individual learning and growth
Building trust9. Creates an environment that encourages trust
10. Leads by example, and shows accountability by following through on his/her responsibilities
11. Admits when he/she makes a mistake and learns from it
12. Tells the truth
13. Is honest, sincere and credible
14. Is respectful and maintains confidentiality
15. Acts fair and impartial, and never misrepresents himself/herself for personal gain
16. Encourages openness
17. Says what he/she means, and means what he/she says
18. Holds a high standard of integrity

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