Qualities of a Great Business Leader – Relationships & Communications (Part 3)

Business leaderLet’s continue to explore the many dimensions that make up a great business leader. It’s really not very complicated, but it does take dedication and integrity to even get started down the path of excellence.

Relationship & Communications
Maximize relationshipsHere are some of the qualities that make a true leader stand out from the crowd.

In no specific order, a leader….
1. Is respectful of everyone
2. Knows how to negotiate win/win scenarios
3. Builds networks within and outside of the company
4. Is liked by his/her team and people want to work with him/her
5. Is approachable, considerate and welcoming
6. Treats everyone fairly
7. Seeks partnerships
8. Is a team player
9. Inspires
10. Rewards commitment, and doesn’t obtain compliance
11. Praises, giving credit where credit is due
12. Truly listens
Team player13. Communicates well, getting his/her message across and understood
14. Is quick on his/her feet
15. Speaks and listens well
16. Disseminates information, respects confidentiality and shares what’s pertinent
17. Values what others have to share
18. Conveys his/her message clearly, concisely and with passion
19. Allows others to voice their opinions, even when contrary to his/her own
20. Is generally a strong orator and writer

If you have any comments, please write them below. If you’re interested in a consultation or have questions, please email me at Robert@RobertFinkelstein.com.


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