Qualities of a Great Business Leader – Critical Thinker & Drives Change (Part 4)

Business LeaderHow does a great business leader get the job done? I’d like to think that most people do get their job done, but something special differentiates the leaders from the rest of the pack. They seem to do so much more than just get the job done. What are those qualities?

Critical Thinker & Drives Change
Critical thinkerHere are some of the qualities that make a true leader stand out from the crowd.

In no specific order, a leader….
1. Focuses on what’s important
2. Looks at multiple solutions
3. Stays current on trends and competition
4. Doesn’t accept the obvious
5. Challenges what can’t be defended
6. Asks the right questions and delves deep
7. Supports broad thinking and the quest for knowledge
8. Anticipates what others neglect to consider
9. Analyzes data in order to make educated decisions
10. Plans for the future
Drive change
11. Possesses a “can do” attitude
12. Leads with both a toughness and a compassion
13. Explains the “why’s”
14. Takes action when he/she feels sufficiently informed
15. Adapts to an ever-changing landscape
16. Innovates and brings out the best in the team
17. Strategies and implements the plan
18. Shows flexibility and adaptability when needed
19. Delegates what can be done by others
20. Uses his/her experience to confidently make decisions

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