Great Ways to Save Money in Your Business (Part 4)

Saving moneyI trust you’re finding these ideas helpful. Some of these suggestions, when implemented, will provide immediate savings. Others will yield results over time. Whatever you do, don’t sit back and watch money being thrown away because your business is not being well managed. It’s hard enough making it in the first place. Let’s work on holding on to as much as possible.

Office Supplies
Office expenses1. Buy used furniture, computers and equipment. You can save a ton and not give up any quality. Look in your local Yellow Pages, Craigslist and on eBay for great deals.
2. There are ways of saving a lot of money on supplies, like printer cartridges. Look into recycled ones. You can buy them directly online or, and I wouldn’t recommend it, refill them yourself. It can be quite the mess.
3. Instead of buying forms for your business, you can download most from the Internet…and they’re customizable. Might take a little searching, but they’re out there.
Supplies4. Another area to look into is free software. Usually, it’s downloadable. It might come with all the bells and whistles, but it might be all you need for your business.
5. Watch how much printing is being done. Make sure your not wasting paper. Don’t disregard the idea of printing on both sides, when appropriate.
6. Don’t buy more supplies than you need. I know this wouldn’t happen with your office team, but cabinets full of supplies are very tempting to employees. Keep them locked up and the supplies distributed by an office manager. Besides, why spend the money before you need to.

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