How to Get the Most Out of Your Business Card (Part 2)

It’s been a few days since my first blog on the subject of how best to use your business card. Never underestimate the power of the little card and whose hands yours might end up in. Like I mentioned last time, there’s no good excuse to not have one. Although it might be obvious, I’m going to suggest some great opportunities to circulate you card.

2. The more the merrier. Regardless of your business, you need to be out there, networking and spreading the word. For starters, social meetings and mixers are good places to meet people…who could be potential clients, customers or referrals. Have the cards ready. If you’re meeting someone one-on-one, the card comes out. And consider giving more than one. See if they’ll pass the extra one along to someone who might need your services. Trade shows and conventions are a haven for card swapping. They want yours as much as you want theirs. Don’t forget, it’s always a good idea to jot down a few memorable notes about those you meet. When you get back to your office with a stack of cards you acquired, good luck remembering who’s who if you don’t. Another great way to get your card circulating is through non-competing businesses. If you own a brick and mortar, see if they’ll support you and vice versa. Their customers can become yours. It’s a win-win. And finally, if you travel internationally, consider a card printed on both sides, one English, and one in the other language. It will be appreciated and respected.

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One Response to “How to Get the Most Out of Your Business Card (Part 2)”

  1. Agreed! I never leave home without my business cards!

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