How to Get the Most Out of Your Business Card (Part 4)

I think you get the idea. Just like the American Express slogan says, “Don’t leave home without it.” In this case, I’m referring to your business card. Generally speaking, it’s an inexpensive way to get your name and brand out there, market yourself, stay in front of clients, and quite frankly, look professional.

Here’s Joel Bauer’s take on business cards. Love him or hate him, he’s got his opinions. This comes to you courtesy of Matt Arndt at Turbo Social Media.

4. Think outside the business card box. What are you doing to get noticed…or at least your card? Whether it’s throwing your card into a bowl for a prize drawing, pinning it to a bulletin board, partnering with someone who can get it to the right people, mailing it to a distribution list, leaving it with a tip at a restaurant (if your in that business)…. You get the idea. Joel Bauer’s business card is $4. Yours doesn’t have to be. Most are just pennies each. But if you’re so inclined, perhaps you can have two – the fancy one for important clients/occasions and a less expensive one for others. Just a thought.

Remember, make sure, after a meeting, you jot down some notes on the card you received, so that you’ll remember the conversation later. Don’t write on the card in front of the person, as they might take offense to it. As for your card, you can write additional information on it, before you hand it over, leave it behind or mail it out. This tends to increase the likelihood of it being kept.

So no excuses. Get a business card! Never be in a position to say, “Umm, sorry, I don’t have one.”

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