What’s Worse than “The Dog Ate My Homework”

What’s worse than the dog ate my homework? Well, how about when a client asks you for some data you have, or shall I say had, and your computer system has crashed. Ah, but you’re on top of it. You’ve backed everything up…haven’t you??

I recently saw a poll that determined that more than 50% of all businesses do not back up their computer systems. I guess the owners just don’t consider their work very valuable and that it would be so easy to recreate all of it. No, that’s not it. Not it at all. The sheer thought of a virus, fire, malware, etc. wiping out our data sends a shiver down our spine. Like the Mastercard commercials say, for most of us, all that information we’ve spent years writing, creating, assembling is…well, you know the word, priceless. Even those we have lost data in the past, still don’t back up their systems. What’s it gonna take people? The excuses range from, “It’s too expensive,” “I never remember to do it,” “It’s not going to happen to me.” Famous last words.

Just for a moment, as painful as it will be, think of what will happen to your business if everything in your computers is lost. Probably cost you at least a $1 or $2, right? I don’t think so. Is it in the $100s, $1000s or even millions?! For just a few hundred dollars, you can sleep a little better at night knowing you’ve backed it all up. So, how much is peace of mind worth to you? As a buddy of mine once said to me, “When you least expect it, expect it.” That’s the way computer viruses work.

If you’re interested in a business consultation, for more information, please refer to my Behind the Scenes Consulting. If you have questions, please email me at Robert@RobertFinkelstein.com. I welcome your comments below. Thank you.

One Response to “What’s Worse than “The Dog Ate My Homework””

  1. Computer crashes are THE WORST!!!! And for someone I know… really well, okay it’s me… it took the loss of 3 script re-writes until I finally converted to a Mac where my Time Capsule automatically backs up my whole computer.

    My parents have a PC and need to buy an external hard drive to back it up. Any of your readers have advice on brands to buy and/or steer away from. I use the G Tech.


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