Just to mix things up a little, I’ve decided to add some of the writings of various thought leaders. Like the inspirational quotes, the beautiful images, my own personal and business blogs, and the recommended reading list, I trust you’ll like this new addition to Behind the Scenes.

by Tony Jeary

Master Communicators know how their recipients want to receive information and adjust their communication styles to match.

The Slow Talker
If the recipient talks slowly and methodically, and exhibits a thorough approach to meetings, e-mails and discussions, you must do the same. Break your ideas into highly structured communications that cover all details.

The Fast Talker
If the recipient is fast talking and extroversive, has high energy, and moves quickly from one idea to the next, you will need to stay dynamic. Cover multiple ideas and maintain high energy and passion in your communications.

Be Task-Oriented
If your recipient has a “bottom line” mentality, gets to the point, and doesn’t linger in conversations, your communications need to be task-oriented. Keep your e-mails efficient; use short concise phrases. Connect highly action-oriented tasks to clear benefits.

Achieve Social Connection
If your recipient is very conversational and talks about off-topic experiences, this person needs to make a social connection in his or her communications. Build more emotion into your presentations and maintain fluidity. This person needs to know you connect and emphasize with them.

Practice these tips, put them in your presentation arsenal and you’ve got a great start to becoming a communication master! And remember, life is a series of presentations.

– Tony Jeary

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