In addition to the inspirational quotes, the beautiful images, my own personal and business blogs, the recommended reading list, and information on my consulting business, I would like to share some of the writings of various thought leaders.


1. CLARITY OF OUTCOME: Before you begin any endeavor, know in advance exactly what you expect your outcome to be. By getting clear on your outcome, you will be using the awesome force of what I call the FUTURE PULL. In other words, the future you create for yourself pulls you closer to it and empowers you to take the proper actions in the present. So before you do anything else as it relates to your personal or professional life, take time to get crystal clear on what your desired outcome will be. See it in your mind’s eye until you feel really emotional about it.

2. CONSOLIDATION OF POWER: This is a fancy term I learned back in 1982 while studying martial arts. It simply means FOCUS. Since you have a certain amount of time, energy and money to devote toward accomplishing your outcome, it’s important to know which activities you should direct your resources toward. If you don’t take the time to determine which of the multitude of possible activities will provide you with the highest payoff, you might find yourself squandering much of your resources. Thus, apply the 80/20 rule here. The 80/20 rule states that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your activities. Therefore, it’s important for you to CONCENTRATE your efforts on the 20% of the activities that will get you 80% of the results. Most people concentrate on the 80% of the activities that will get them only 20% of the results. In a nutshell, 80% of your time should be spent on the following activities: (a) using and sharing your products; (b) exposing people to your opportunity; (c) attending and promoting events; (d) engaging in personal development; and (e) learning and teaching the system your company and support team members have set up for you. These are the high-payoff or revenue-producing activities. You can file your product orders and clean out your desk after hours, that is, during non-revenue-producing time.

3. COMMITMENT TO DISCIPLINES: This is where you actually EXECUTE your action plan. Once you know which areas you will be focusing on, you can get busy by moving ahead in those areas. It’s important to remember that consistency is the key at this stage. By doing the small, simple disciplines on a daily basis, eventually the compounded effect will kick in and you will COLLECT YOUR OUTCOME. Every day in every way, you’re either performing simple disciplines or simple error in judgments. Apply this simple three-step process and watch what happens to your personal performance levels.

Until next time
Go, Go, Go
– Jerry Clark

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