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Fear. It’s everywhere. And there’s a lot of suffering happening right now in the world because of it…

We’ve come to an incredibly critical time in our evolution as a species… where we’re being called to wake up, see the truth, and liberate ourselves from the grip of fear once and for all.

Fear is the ONE thing that holds you back in life. It’s the source of your worries, insecurities, burdens, guilt, resentments, stresses, and any feelings of lack that you may experience… lack of love, lack of joy, lack of success, or lack of inspiration. Fear is THE barrier to the ultimate realization of your true potential and power.

When we experience fear, our entire being literally closes itself off from the world. We limit and restrict the flow of life and our bodies enter into “survival mode” as we gear up the fight or flight hormones to protect ourselves from danger. This is in response to a “perceived” threat… which, of course, is completely imaginary 99% of the time. Because unless we’re being physically threatened in that moment, the fear is only in our heads.

So if fear is a frequent companion of yours, in any of it’s various forms, you’re keeping yourself stagnated in a state of “fighting for survival”, whether you realize it or not. When you’re in fear, you can’t grow, you can’t expand, you can’t relax, you can’t create… It’s quite paralyzing. Living in fear is essentially toxic to our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and growth.

As an entrepreneur, not only do you have the opportunity to liberate yourself from your conditioned fears to create the success you want in your business… but you also have the opportunity to lead by example… to show the rest of the world what’s possible when fear is no longer in control. When we, individually and as a collective, wake up from our fears, we create the space to truly evolve, grow, and experience ever-expanding joy, love, and peace. In fact, I believe that it’s our calling.

Waking up from fear is not something you only do once. Fear is deeply engrained into our reality. It’s something we need to commit to bringing awareness to again and again and again. Once you start awakening from your fear, this power in you gets strengthened just like a muscle.

So I wanted to share with you “7 keys to liberating yourself from fear”. Feel into each one, and please don’t just read about them, practice them anytime you need a reminder!

(*And please note… these keys are in reference to mind-created fears that you want to wake up from. They are not for situations in which you are in real danger.)


Key #1: Get present.

Again, over 99% of the fear you will experience in this lifetime is not from any real imminent danger… it literally exists only in your head. The mind loves to think about the past, your stories, what happened to you, what happened to so and so… and then project that into the future by either fantasizing about something or worrying about it.

An “untrained” mind has an extremely hard time staying present. Most often… there’s no real drama in the present moment. There’s nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. Your fear only exists in your thoughts about the future. Life in your head is not real… it’s a conceptualized, analyzed, thought-created reality that leaves you susceptible to all sorts of imagined future fears.

The present moment is all that exists and will ever exist. So in living life in the now, not in the future, you are free. Next time you feel fear about something, come back to the present. Focus on what’s here in front of you right now… focus on your breath… and relax. And just notice that when you’re present, there’s no such thing as fear.

Key #2: Inquire into your fear.

What is it that you’re really afraid of? Inquiring into your fear requires radical honesty. Most often, our fears are accumulated response patterns from the past that operate almost completely on autopilot. Fear is just a story. So unless you question the fear and bring awareness to it, it’ll have unconscious control over you.

Let’s say for example you have a fear of public speaking. Ask yourself what you’re really afraid of… Maybe you’re afraid you’ll mess up your words? Maybe you’re afraid of judgment or criticism? Then inquire into the meaning you assign to that possible outcome… What would it mean if you messed up your words? Maybe you think it would mean you’re not a good speaker or you’re not good enough? Is that true?

No. Most often, your fear of a projected outcome is not based in reality at all. Messing up your words on stage means nothing about who you are and your worthiness. Your mind is the only one that thinks this could even be true. In inquiring into the root of your fear, you’ll discover that it’s quite insubstantial. It’s all based around possible outcomes, interpretations, and projections. You always have a choice… to believe the “story of fear” or not. And through inquiry, it’s easier to let go of the belief in what you fear when you see how “untrue” it really is at the core.

Key #3: Flow with the fear.

When you’re experiencing fear in your body, you can either resist it or you can flow with it. Resisting fear only strengthens its power. So when you’re trying to suppress it, ignore it, or hide it to avoid feeling bad or looking bad… you’re just perpetuating the fear. The key is to flow with the feeling until it’s gone. It’s still important to choose not to give fear any reality… but if there are residual feelings from the effects of your thought patterns, don’t fight it.

If you inquire into your fear of public speaking and you see how untrue it is, your body will probably still feel fear when you get up in front of a room. That’s ok… if you let yourself fully feel your emotions, they’ll flow through you like water and will be gone before you know it. Resisting keeps them trapped in your body where they’ll escalate and get stronger. So put down your sword… fighting fear is not a battle you can win. Fear will pass when you allow it to flow.

Key #4: Choose trust.

Some people say fear is the opposite of love. I believe fear is the opposite of trust. Love is always present, it’s just a matter of how much we are able to open to it. When we fear, we close down, we tighten, we can’t see love. When you trust, you open yourself to life and it becomes a gateway into love.

So trust, is the antidote to fear. And this trust that I’m speaking about specifically is not trust for a particular person or company or government… it’s simply a trust in life. Trust that life is supporting you, taking care of you, and giving you exactly what you need for your highest growth and evolution. Everything has a reason, a divine plan that we may not see right away, or ever… But it’s there. We just need to show up with openness and trust, and we’ll flow into harmony with the current of life.

This is definitely something you’ll need to consciously invoke within your body. If you’re feeling fear, you can’t just tell yourself to trust… you have to really feel it. So take some deep breaths, and create the intention to completely surrender in trust. Affirming it out loud is also very helpful. You can say something like:

“Even though I feel fear, I am choosing to let it go and completely surrender to trust. Peace and harmony flow through my being easily and effortlessly”.

Then FEEL it… feel the peace that is present within you when you open, trust, and relax. So trust through the fear. And what you’ll experience on the other side is nothing short of pure magic.

Key #5: Do the thing you fear.

Most often, the fear you feel is a fear of the “unknown”. With our public speaking example, if you’ve rarely spoken in front of a group of people, your mind can create all sorts of fearful fantasies about what might happen, what it would be like, etc. But really… it’s just because it’s an unknown experience. You’ve never really faced it.

Another example is if you fear leaving a relationship for one reason or another, even though it’s what you know is best. That’s also a fear of the unknown… you’re unsure of what will really happen, it’s unknown to you, so your mind automatically fears it.

When you do the thing you’re afraid of doing, it’ll be scary at first, but then once you face it, you’ll see that it was never as “bad” as you thought. In fact, you’ll feel much more empowered because the fear lost some of it’s power over you. The more you do the thing you fear, the easier it gets… and you can even learn to enjoy what you used to fear. When you have the courage to step into the unknown and face your fear, you become liberated, inside and out.

Key #6: Shift your focus from fear to gratitude.

When you’re experiencing fear because of a thought or projection about the future, simply choose to shift your focus. Again, because most of your fear is completely imaginary, don’t give it reality. Don’t let it monopolize your thoughts. Notice when you are focusing on a fearful outcome, and consciously choose to shift your focus to gratitude instead.

Fear can’t survive in the high vibration of gratitude. When you focus on what you’re grateful for, you’re putting yourself into a state of giving… of giving thanks and appreciation for what’s in your life here and now. Fear, on the other hand, is a state of depletion… it robs you of your energy, your connection to yourself, and it throws you off track. It sucks the life out of you, whereas gratitude gives you energy.

So if you’re in fear over what might happen with your finances, or the economy… choose to focus on how grateful you are for the roof over your head, the food and water in your kitchen, the opportunity you have to create a business that you love, etc. You will immediately shift your vibration… and you’ll also start attracting more of what you’re looking to bring into your life. Focusing on what you fear will give you more of the very thing you fear. Choosing an attitude of gratitude will give you the energy, the strength, and the resolve to move through anything… and life will give you more of what you’re grateful for!

One of my favorite quotes is by Lynne Twist, author of “The Soul of Money” and founder of the non-profit organization, The Pachamama Alliance: “What you appreciate, appreciates”. Appreciate life, even the fear… And your gratitude will bring abundance.

Key #7: Re-connect to yourself.

When you feel fear, you are disconnected from the truth of who you really are. Fear perpetuates the illusion of separation… the illusion that you are separate from the life force that is organizing and guiding all of existence. When you feel fear, you feel alone, afraid, and small. The truth is… that you can never be separated from the infinite intelligence that is living through you in every moment. You are made up of pure potential and you are always infinitely supported and connected. Fear itself is what puts up “walls” of separation and limitation that keep you feeling disconnected from your true self.

So really… the “game” of life is just to keep remembering who we really are in the face of fear. Fear limits, constricts, and creates pain. Truth expands, opens, and allows love to shine through. To reconnect with the truth, simply close your eyes, and focus on the stillness within you. Just put your attention on the life force that is existing within you, and feel how expansive, alive, and nurturing it is. Since fear is created in the mind, it’s important to experience who you are beyond the mind… so being quiet and still and allowing your mind to calm down is so important.

You can choose to sit in stillness for any amount of time that feels good to you… it really only takes a moment of remembering who you really are at your essence to wake up from fear. Experiencing your true self will anchor you in love and trust… and in a world where everything is constantly changing, you’ll find a peace within you that stays constant and remains unshakable no matter what’s going on around you.

Re-connecting to yourself is something you’ll need to do again and again and again anytime you need a reminder in the face of fear. It’s a practice… and really, it’s the only one that really matters! When you’re truly connected and aligned with who you really are at your core, everything else seems to fall gracefully into place.


You are SO needed in our world right now. We need your true power, gifts, strengths, awareness, and commitment to inner peace. Your inner reality is contributing to the collective reality, so each one of us has the responsibility and the calling to choose love and trust when fear arises. It will not only liberate you, it’ll help liberate the planet. And when you’re free on the inside, nothing can stop you. You will be able to effortlessly create the wealth, success, and impact that you truly want in your life.

So please… spread the word. Practice peace. It starts with you!

To Your True Liberation,
Katie Freiling

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