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Make Sure You’re Aligned

Posted in General Management with tags , , , , , , , on June 23, 2009 by Robert Finkelstein

report_cardWhether you’re a hands-on or hands-off business owner, a manager with direct reports, or a manager with none, I assume you’re using some method of measuring your team’s performance. But you know what they say about assuming.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. That will undoubtedly be the subject of a few blogs.

Today, let’s consider Performance Management. There are different names for it, but essentially it’s refers to a system for strategically aligning the goals of the business and the objectives of the employees. Basically, it’s an outline created by the employee which defines their most important responsibilities (five’s a good number) and how (five ways) they’ll be achieved within a predetermined time frame. I would recommend doing these quarterly. Once completed (usually a simple template), the manager should review each one to insure that the employee has accurately and clearly defined what they must accomplish, and most importantly, they are in alignment with the company’s needs. Some tweaking might need to take place. If the employee is way off, then you could have a serious lack of communication going on. crewing

Be diligent about these. They really are a great way to manage, direct and hold your team accountable.

Ah, but there’s more. You could do a personal one too. In the next three months, what do you want to accomplish, and how will you do it? Hold yourself accountable or work with a partner. I also suggest that one section be dedicated to personal growth. Work on the health of your body and mind too.

Start measuring, and you might just grow.

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