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In addition to the inspirational quotes, the beautiful images, my own personal and business blogs, the recommended reading list, and information on my consulting business, I would like to share some of the writings of various thought leaders…in particular, one of my favorites, SETH GODIN.


Yes, you can train them. By rewarding some behaviors over others, by keeping some promises not others, by having some expectations instead of others, you get the audience you deserve. Some things you can train customers to do:

• Be respectful
• Be patient
• Keep their satisfaction to themselves
• Be selfish
• Be focused on a superstar
• Demand personal service
• Be calm
• Never settle for the current iteration
• Be cheap
• Embrace acceptance
• Spread the word
• Expect pampering
• Demand free
• Be eager to switch brands to save a buck
• Value and honor long-term loyalty
• Be skeptical

The customers you fire and those you pay attention to all send signals to the rest of the group.

by Seth Godin

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